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Room Acoustics

April 15, 2013

As a division of Acoustics, room acoustics are concerned with the internal characteristic of specific areas. Whereever possible the proposed use of the room should be taken into account at design stage. ifthe primary use requires good speech intelligibilty, the interior design of the room wiil be different from that of a room whose primary use is music practice or recital. where a room is to be used for both purposes a gegree of compromise is required.

The most importan factors which influence the acoustic quality of an area :

  1. Locatinon of room within the building
  2. Sound insulation of the adjacent construction
  3. Sound generation from services
  4. Area shape and size ( primary structure )
  5. Sound absorption characteristic of all surfaces ( secondary structure )
  6. Furniture and equipment within the room ( secondary structure )
  7. Dimension and spatial distribution of sound absorbing and reflective surfaces
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